Academic Excellence

07 Lightning Straight A students received a special delivery today to recognize their achievement. Can’t wait for the team to get back on the field together!



Thank you Directors Pete Eibner and Tarik Walker coaches, players and families for your support!! We are excited to bring our CP Soccer team out to one of your games!! THANK YOU!

March is CP Awareness Month...did you know:

+ The most common type of CP is spastic CP. Spastic CP affects about 80% of people with CP. People with spastic CP have increased muscle tone. This means their muscles are stiff and, as a result, their movements can be awkward.

+ People with dyskinetic CP have problems controlling the movement of their hands, arms, feet, and legs, making it difficult to sit and walk. The movements are uncontrollable and can be slow and writhing or rapid and jerky. Sometimes the face and tongue are affected and the person has a hard time sucking, swallowing, and talking. A person with dyskinetic CP has muscle tone that can change (varying from too tight to too loose) not only from day to day, but even during a single day

During the month of March, CP Soccer Mid Atlantic Team is organizing a Team Sponsor Program where one youth, high school or college team can sponsor ONE CP Soccer Player for 2020. #CPAware


Try Out Registration is open for our 2021-2022 Season!